Sunday, May 19, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I was going to snap some new pictures today but we got snow yesterday so it wouldn't be very nice out to take pictures. The day I took these it was too bright and I did the side fence instead of the front which I was going to do and would have been better for now squinting. As soon as I saw the scavenger hunt clues last week I knew what I wanted to do. So here are the pictures I'm going to work with.

1. Three

2. Hands

3. Fence

4. Cuddly

5. Sign


Meghan Kay said...

Love the whole set! What a bunch of creative cuties :)

Leave It To Davis said...

Very good job! I think the guys deserve a little of the credit for their incredible acting skills! Of course, what's an actor without a great director and camera man?