About Me



I’m Donna and this is my blog.

I’ve been blogging since January 2004.

It’s mostly been about my daily life and children.

I was keeping a journal and I’ve switched blog sites a few times and prefer this one.

I have 3 crazy boys and a crazy husband and they all keep me on my toes. (Really, they are only crazy some of the time it’s more they drive me crazy!)

I blog about my struggles with having 3 boys, each with there own unique personalities, I also blog about the utter happiness they bring my life no matter what. I love them so much.

After having my 3rd son almost 5 years ago, I suffered from depression and it never really went away and I’ve had some major stressful setbacks the last two years with my marriage and my Father passing away. I struggled a lot and finally sought help. I’m on happy pills now and it’s making a difference for me, I have more energy again and I’m getting my mojo back!

Last spring I discovered the crafting blogs, not sure why I hadn’t discovered them before now. I’m a creative person and usually my efforts or channeled into writing short stories. I love to read and I probably do that more than anything else these days. I do reviews of some books that are sent to me to review. I really love doing it.

The craft, photography and DIY blogs have really inspired me again. I’ve always love being creative I just forgot about it for awhile. I’m a furniture move, I’ve always been this way, I remember always moving my bedroom around growing up and I do the same in my house now trying to find the perfect way something goes. My husband is a cabinet/furniture maker and he’s had me in his shop a few times to show me how to use tools and I even build my own shelf once, I’m hoping to get more time out there. Right now I’m concentrating on redoing some furniture and finishing some quilts I started.

I also try to post pictures of my hometown. I live in Northern Canada in a town called Dawson City, I was born and raised here and we now live and raise our family here. I’m really quite happy living here.

So you can see I have an assortment of interests and I hope to continue blogging about everything. I have recipe site www.notjustcheesecake.com and a gardening blog at http://gardeningwithmydad.blogspot.com/

Oh and I'm a babbler, if you haven't already noticed! ;) Which it again totally contrary to real life where I am super shy and an introvert!

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