Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I've been tagged with a MeMe

Movies I rented because the cool people liked them, but I never could finish:
1. I hardly ever stop a movie I'm watching.
2. I know there have been some.
3. But I can't remember the names.
4. I will keep you posted.

Movies I watched with the cool people but secretly hated:
Again, I can't think of any.

Movies I secretly like but might deny in front of the cool people:
1. Jurassic Park Trio (just watched this weekend)
2. The Father of the Bride
3. Adventures in Babysitting.
4. Shaun of the Dead

Books I started because the cool people like them, but I could never finish:
1. The Poisonwood Bible (I got about 1/3 of theway but just couldn't finish)
2. The Classics, I'm terrible but I find most of them incredibly boring.
3. The Reader (an oprah pick)

Music I tried to like because the cool people like it, but really it makes me want to puncture my own eardrums to escape the pain of the irritating, cat-mating howling:
1. I'm not the exciting about music.
2. I listen to whats on the radio.
3. But I can't stand anything that is
4. RAP!

Music I secretly sometimes like, but don't want the cool people to know:
1. New Kids on the Block- just for old memories sake.
2. Britney Spears/Pop music- I can't help it.
3. I think I like Paris Hilton's new song. AGGG!
4. 80's, 80's, 80's.

Foods I secretly like, even though the cool people sneer at them:
1. Spinach
2. I love cheesecake but the cool people sneer because it's so fattening! I don't care!
3. Hashbrown casserole (I can't remember the real name of the dish but it's rich)
4. Yukon Salmon

I am now tagging the following:
NOt sure who to tag right now.

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