Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Complete Book of Baby Names - Review



I got this book over a month ago and have been reading it because, we'll I'm about to give birth in 3 days. The subject matter is rather imminent.

I was surprised at how well written this book was. No, not just the lists of names but the first few chapters on the process of naming and the ins and outs of the what's right or wrong or good for each type of person and cultural references to name just a few of the topics covered in naming your child. As well as the reasons for first and middle names and how to pick them. I actually learned quite about about rhyming and syllables and how names should go together to sound good.

Since this is my third child, I've been through my share of baby name books, about 2 a pregnancy. This one I found as my favorite, not just the first few chapters but the list of names are wonderful and broken not just into boy and girl categories but lists of popular names by country, twin names and hordes of other lists. You'll be amazed, as I was.

This book will be coming to the hospital with me because we still haven't picked out a boys name. Maybe we won't need to but I'll be prepared should that be what I have again!

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Amber said...

By now you've got your baby!!! YAY!!! I hope everything went well and you're cuddling with your new LO! (((((Big hugs)))))