Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Busy life...

Looking through my emails I decided to follow a few links from one of my parenting newsletters. I learned some interesting this this morning. My first less hectic morning in a long time, so I have a few minutes. SnowBaby is having his morning nap and Little M is destroying the kitchen. Meanwhile I took a quiz to see what kind of intelligence SmartGuy has. I thought this was quite on target for him.

Your little one has an aptitude for the creative arts, which can include music, visual art, or drama. His strongest assets may be one or all of the following: verbal skills (reading, writing, and telling jokes); musical skills (repeating tongue-twisters, reciting rhymes, and singing songs); or visual aptitude (coloring, painting pictures, imagining vivid images). The wonderful imagination that accompanies a child with high creative intelligence can manifest itself in an imaginary friend or delight in telling stories. And good news for parents: Children with Creative Intelligence can usually stay perfectly entertained when left on their own.

So you've probably been wondering where I've been and what I've been up to. Not much to tell except I was stressed because I have three kids, I had an exam to study for and was getting very little sleep. I was a nervous wreck and very edgy.

When I'm like this I feel like the worst parent in the world and have my little crying and breakdown episode but I get over it. I think I may have some PPD, I will talk to my doctor about it at my next appointment which is March 1st. I'm waiting for my doctor to be back from bereavement leave. She's my favorite doctor so I'll wait.

I feel very blessed to have the husband I have. He's so easy to talk to. I've always had a hard time expressing my feelings to anyone but hubby is my ear. I can talk to him about anything. I think that is what is so wonderful about us and why we don't fight, we talk about everything that bugs us, so we get past all that crap. When I'm feeling down the way I am, I have that support from him that is so important to my sanity. He keeps me grounded and level headed. He gives me advice when I need it or just listens when I need that. He just seems to know what I need. These past few weeks he's really been there even when I'm so low I don't appreciate it. But once I come out of that self pitying fog he is there I know he always has been and always will be. I feel safe in that.

So I finished my courses now both with A as my final grade, I did do as well on my final for my last course because I forgot everything in the two months since I finished the course and then wrote the exam. But at least I'm done.

I'm done doing the books for the most part now. I just have a few government forms to fill out. Now I do have to get caught up in my own personal paperwork.

So there is less pressure right now. I can relax and take care of my boys and start finding time for myself.

Well, I just got the phone call. I will be busy for the next few weeks. A special event is coming up in March and I have some planning to do with some relatives for a surprise something. So much for relaxing.

So on top of all this I'm trying to clean my house, spring clean, organize, take a writing workshop starting the 28th, look up vehicle prices to buy a minivan, organize a trip for the family so we can do that, organize other things in my life and get ready for spring planting. Ugh! When will it ever end or at least get easier.

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