Thursday, February 22, 2007

Friends and Exercise

These are two things on my mind these days.

My friends because I'm lonely during the day. No one calls to chitchat, no one visits except my mom. Don't get me wrong I know my friends are busy with things and have lives. I'm just neglectful in my friendships lately (during pregnancy) and it's my own fault. This happened back when I first started seeing my hubby, I didn't go out or call my friends and I lost a good friend, we are only acquantances now and it's sad. I don't want that to happen again.

So I've set up a lunch date with one girlfriend, I have to wait until she's feeling better. I have a chick flick girls night coming up tomorrow. I see at least 3 friends every Tuesday night at craft night and one only for a few minutes while I stop by her work and a few minutes are better than nothing. So I'm making an effort. I really miss talking, laughing and just visiting with my girlfriends.

I think the problem is that none of my friends that don't have kids, well I don't want to burden them with me because frankly I'm boring, I only talk about my kids or tv I've seen. Oprah is going to be on Ellen today by the way! I have only one friend who has two children the same age as my two youngest, she's a fairly new friend but really nice. Another friend has a child the same age as my oldest, so it's harder to visit sometimes, not that I have the two youngest in tow all the time now.

So I know I'll get back to my old self and start hanging out again. I do miss my friends a lot these days.

I've been dying to exercise, really I'm not weird but I have. I've been waiting for my 6 week check up to get the go ahead. I've been eating like crap too much sweets lately and not enough exercise so I can see that I'm not losing anything else.

It's too cold to walk and even the warmer temps, I don't want to take either of the little guys out because it's still too cold for them.

Well, one of the workers in the Health department for our First Nations band is a fitness instructor and she did some research on exercise for post-pregnancy. She set up a 5 session workout. Yesterday was the first one, it was -35°C, so I was the only one. We talked about what I'd done in the past and then we did a good warm up and then a 30 minute cardio session, that stays away from my abs and uses the baby. It was a great workout, I felt great and I really could feel my muscles again. It was nice to sweat and sweat I did!

I'm feeling it today too! So tomorrow I'll try to redo the workout from memory. I'm just so syked to be back in the game. I just wish it would warm up now so I can walk.


Jennifer said...

I'm sorry you are so lonely! I know how that one goes...just wish I was closer. Winter sure is bleak, isn't it??

I fell off the exercise bandwagon this week because of an injury but I'm going to get back on it come Monday. No more messing around!

Anonymous said...

You are not boring, silly! I am sorry I haven't been around as much as I should! I was reading it going, okay, which friend am I?!?