Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First day of Spring

Here where I live there is no real clear cut sign of spring, no flowers growing or I'm really not sure what everyone else down south experiences in spring but we still have snow on the ground for at least another few weeks.

We do get a feeling, at least I do that the never ending winter really is going to end. It's starts with the sun in February, it shines brightly and gives one hope of things to come. Then in March you start to feel the heat of the sun, if you stand in a sunny window you know that the warm is coming. It's not there every day and it still goes below freezing temperatures but you know it's coming.

Then in the beginning of April if you are in the right spot you may see a crocus pushing it's way through the snow so it can smile up at the sun and feel alive. Much like the people who live in the North. In the spring we come up for air.

People are out walking and biking and on snowmobiles. Yes, here in the North we have an intersting life and it's like no other place in the world.

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Jennifer said...

I would definitely like to visit up there someday. I get a bit curious about what life is like up there, especially during the winter. Of course I would probably visit during the summer if I ever got the chance to! :)