Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's been awhile...

I know. Things are just generally busy right now and they seem to be getting better. I have less on my plate right now. While I am at home I'm not doing the mommy thing like I should right now. I've been distracted with getting everything in place and in order financially so I haven't been doing playing or floor time with my boys. They still get there bedtime routine and stories at bedtime but for the most part I've been distracted. But I'm well on my way back to normalacy.

I've handed over the reigns of the business booking, a huge relief I tell you. No more rushed month ends or worries about paperwork. I'm just so happy about it.

I haven't started my way back to healthy living yet, I'm slowly making my way back. My exercise has been here and there, nothing regular yet! Eating is coming along better, except for today(I've had two chocolate bars). I'm holding at 287 right now and I hope that by next week I'll be back to a routine again with my exercise.

I'm been staying busy. Going to my Tuesday night craft night (not getting much done) but still going. Also going to my Wednesday night writing workshop (I'm really enjoying it).

The kids are great.

SmartGuy is busy as usual, learning like crazy and telling stories and just generally being himself. We are still working on his listening skills, seems a constant these days but I'm back to not letting him get away with anything.

Little M is super busy, busier than I remember SmartGuy being. He's into everything. Right now he loves to watch Calliou and loves to color, he's gotten better at not coloring on my walls. We've gone around the house with the Magic Eraser and gotten rid of a bit. The last five days he's potty training himself and I'm just going with the flow because I'm not there yet in the potty training. The first three days were great, no accidents but he last three we've been out of the house more and he's had a couple of accidents but like I said just going with the flow.

Snow Baby is just great. He's sleeping really great. Smiling and cooing like the best of them. He's just so darn cute. He had his two month check up today and he's growing like a weed. He's now 14 lb 6 oz and 23 1/4 inches long. He also had about four needles in the leg but I handled pretty good and so did he after his initial healthy lunged cry. He nursed for a bit and then went right to sleep and he's been sleeping for almost two hours now.

I'm trying to get a bit organized this afternoon while the boys are sleeping and get things a bit tidied up. We went into to get a loan yesterday to buy a minivan next month, I just took them over some more information they needed, so hopefully we'll get the money we need because we desperately need something bigger to travel in. My car is feeling very small these days.

We just need to book the flight, hubby was supposed to do that yesterday. We just need to find a place to stay. There are a few but I'm not sure which we'll stay at.

Anyway, I going to take advantage of this quiet time until have to pick up SmartGuy from school.

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Anonymous said...

GO, GO super Mom!! May you be blessed with the exzact mini van you need and deserve!! keep up the good work. And its ok to treat yourself to a treat now and then, yummy chocolate,, he he love ya lots