Friday, March 02, 2007

It's been crazy

I keep meaning to post but get side tracked all the time.

I really should write down the things I want to say before I forget them.

The biggest news:

My friends threw me a surprise baby shower. I was surprise and didn't expect it. They did it on my Tuesday Craft night. They got me the camo baby bag I wanted, the exact one. It's the only thing I really wanted,how cool is that. They also did a money tree so I could get a 2 seated stroller. I think that when we got to Edmonton in April I will be looking in the classifieds to get a good used one by Chariot. Everyone seems to have those one here and they are perfect for our conditions of weather.

It was really nice the food was fantastic and it was great to see most of my friends.

My friends really are great. We are going to try and do a games night next week during spring break so the friends that missed can have a get together too! Our games nights are really fun and easy for me because I can bring the baby.

I started my writing workshop. Our one goal is to write at least 3 sentences a day. So I set up another blog for that.

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Jennifer said...

How sweet of your friends! Sounds like you had a great time! :)