Saturday, April 28, 2007

Not even noon and I've gone a little bit insane..

Okay, not really but close.

Two-year olds like to.. oh, let me rephrase two year old likes to look for opportunity, while I'm showering, on the toilet or otherwise occupied with the baby. This morning just happened to be one of those times. Hubby had left for his shop, SmartGuy was playing in his room, I was in the living room feeding baby and Little M was with me and then left the room. I thought he went to his room but then I could here some movements in the kitchen, I thought maybe he was in the cupboards not a biggy.

A ruined water kettle and an empty container of baking powder later, I realized my mistake, I underestimated my boy. I know not to do this, he can climb onto the top of the counters my using the shelves in the bottom cabinets on either end of my tiny kitchen. I quite often find him rumaging through the baking supplies in the top corner cabinet, so I really should now better but I did today and yes, I feel a little stupid.

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Jennifer said...

Don't feel stupid! It happens to everyone, you know?? It's okay, don't be so hard on yourself!