Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Cake

I made a cake for Mother's Day. My mom was having a party. So I made cake with French Vanilla Cake mix and Buttercream frosting.

1/2 cup butter
3 cups icing cugar
1 tsp. vanilla
2-3 tbs. milk
Cream all together until a nice smooth consistency.

I did this but the peach color I made very airy somehow, too much milk I think and it didn't go on the cake very well and then when I was making little flowers the icing was getting mushy from the heat from my hands, so I was doing a lot of fridge breaks. I tried my had at the top flowers for the first time ever, I definitely have to work with cooler icing to do that part. I also love the Wilton icing colors. I used 3 of the pastel colors.

I also need to practice with my new cake decoating tips I got at a yard sale. I got about 70 tips, some of them are doubles and some are no name brand but there were 3 nails and half dozen coupers so I'm pretty satisfied for the $20 I spent. Now I need to make a list of which tips I have, so I don't buy doubles if I do buy any in the future and figure out what designs they are. I'll have to go to the Wilton site and print what each looks like or something. It was a pretty simple cake but I used some instructions online to make is stable using dowelings and cardboard under each cake. I'm pretty happy with it, keep in mind I feel asleep the night I was going to work on it after the kids were in bed so I started first thing in the morning baking the top and bottom and then decorating with three children in my ear all day and bothering me. They seem to all get so needy when I want to do something. So maybe next time I'll do a better job of icing. I found the blue icing I made a lot nicer in consistency and nicer to work with and I feel it went on much better than the peach.

So here it is.


Victoria said...

mmmmmmm the cake looks yummy, I could do with cake right about now. I never know how to make those border rosette things, I need to work on that. and your fettuccine looks divine, whats the brown thing next to it?

Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous cake- and that pie above looks DELICIOUS!!!!

Siuan said...

Brown thing next to fettucine is chicken, fried up with onions, garlic, italian seasoning, green onions and dipped in soya sauce. It's really yummy! Same thing we do with our steaks I described below somewhere.