Monday, May 28, 2007

Sickies come around again...

It started on Friday, SmartGuy was all sniffly then he was sneezing and then he was coughing and plugged up and he doesn't sound the same. Next Little M (I really need to find a better moniker for him) was sneezy. For two days I have had a sore throat, my neck hurts again, I had a bit of the flu not long ago. Next Little M sneezed right in SnowBaby's face. Twice. Poor little gaffer is going to get it to.

Hubby he managed to escape so far and he's out of town for the week so I guess he may miss it altogether.

My garden is almost done. I just have to add manure and plant but I can't find the time. I'm hoping tomorrow sometime. I get respite in the morning but have an appointment with the accountant at 10am to go over some things for Hubby's business. So maybe after I hope, I hope. I really need to get my seeds in.

Tonight I have been scrubbing the house. It really needs it, it does. So far the living room is done and the dining is swept it just needs the mop now. Halls I'll sweep and the most important in the kitchen. So I better get to it.

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Amber said...

I hate that! My girls both just cough in my LO's face and don't bat an eye while I panic and have a mini-stroke thinking about how miserable the next week will be when I'm up at all hours with three sick kids...

I hope he's able to escape it and I hope you get to feeling better soon!