Saturday, June 23, 2007

Baby Celebration

Today was the Baby Celebration! They have it every year for the new babies born into the community. All the new moms get together eat and chat and play games and win prizes. Pictures are taken and it's a lovely time.
My boys enjoyed themselves but I think my oldest may have eaten too much cake, I think I ate too much cake but it was all good.
Mickey, my middle child is Mickey and is simply Mickey I can't come up with a good enough nickname on here that seems right to me, he'll always be Mickey, it's just who he is and it suits him like no other name.
He did get a balloon today that he loved and I didn't know how much he loved it until it floated away on him and he turned into the mess of a child. He cried and screamed and pleaded in his non talkative way. He hung his lip and hugged me tight and we watched it float way up in the skay and he wanted me to drive up and get it and then thought maybe daddy could get it with one of the planes he works with. Then he thought about the toy water rocket we had and then he was a bird and thought the bird could get it back for him. It was quite sad. He talked about it right up until he went to bed. He laid with me tonight and I told him the story of the orange balloon, the one I wrote in the previous post. When I got out of bed, he woke briefly to mention the balloon again. Hubby plans on bringing him a new orange balloon sometime and be his hero. I thought that was quite cute.
The last few days have been great. Mickey had gone 5 days now of no diapers and no accidents and I'm not even training him, he just goes on his own. I'm quite thrilled!
SmartGuy has improved his behavior but the marbles weren't working, I'm going to try and keep it up but he still bugs his brother a bit but I think he's improving slowly. He's been out of the house more visiting friends but he's also missing two friends that are away, one for the whole summer and the other for a week or something like that. He gets quite upset when he misses his friends.
Bugaboo is doing great. He's moving so much and growing so fast. I think he may just be the one to keep up with Kale in the advancement department, maybe he is built a little different, longer legs and skinnier body. But we'll see. He seems to be getting blonder everyday.
Me, I'm doing okay, trying to exercise, keeping up a better routine and feeling much better overall about myself and my parenting so far. Things are only looking up right now!

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Anonymous said...

what a neat couple of days many more to come
how cool is your family!!
so cool it'll blow your socks off,, he he
love aunty H