Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My body has a way of telling me to slow down and it's in my back. I can sit here for a few minutes to type this but I have to go lie down soon. I hurt my back about three days ago now and I'm in pain. It hasn't gotten better at all, it's gotten worse and with 3 kiddos, it's not making it any better. Hubby is too busy to pay attention it seems, oh well. I took some tylenol and a motrin this morning and have an absorbine junior patch on my back, I hope it will spell some relief soon. I hate back problems and I've said it before, it leaves me feeling so helpless.

I really wish I had a laptop, I may go looking for one right now and buy it, I have money socked away in savings but I just don't know what I want in a laptop. So I may wait. I have so many things to catch up on and write about but I just haven't gotten it down on paper yet! If I had a laptop I could during this time when Ihave to rest. So I will be back when I am better.

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