Friday, September 21, 2007

5 Am and Wide Awake

It's been sometime since I've really updated but I have an excuse. I have three children! Enough said.
Yes, it's been busy but not and I've been in a writing slump. We've been to the City too many times. I've been to the dentist trying to have my problems fixed that my last dentist messed up. I'm in the middle of 2 root canals and another one is going to have to be redone as well. So three redone root canals, I'm pissed about that but the lucky thing is that I don't really have a problem with the dentist, I can stand the needles and I don't really think root canals are all that big a deal. I also have some cavaties to be filled, so he's doing that as well in the mean time so my 2 teeth heal and I wait for approval for a crown.

It's also been a month of sickness. Little One has been sick and then Mickey got sick and then Little One again. I've got it as well. It's lasting a really long time and are really a pain in my ass. I'm not really sick I just have a persistant cough and it's gotten worse. Two little ones have coughs, runny nose and sneezes, it's mostly gone for well I'll see when they get up for the day.

Little One is doing great! He's not walking yet but he's cruising big time now.He pulls up onto everything and starts moving around. He pushes his little walking aid push toy and he's gotten quite fast when crawling. He's babbling like crazy, da-da-da-da, constantly using his voice. He's been cranking, he's still teething and not teeth. None of my boys have gone this long to get their teeth but Little One is taking his time, which is okay with me because he's probably just bite me with it! He is sleeping longer at night and now hates cereal and jarred veggies. Just he'll eat like a trooper if I give him what we are eating just blending up. He's an explorer just like his brothers and loves to get into everything and I'm amazed. Amazed I haven't gone crazy yet!!
Lately I feel like all I do is dishes and laundry, dishes and laundry. Seriously, I think I do these two things long..... I'm really very sick of it.
Today we are going into to get Mickey's ears cleaned of excess wax. We were asked to do this before we went down for his hearing test, yes going to the City again. But it should be a joy because I know this little guy and nothing is going to happen to him if he doesn't want it to happen to him. I'll let you know how it goes. I also need to talk to the doctor about his reoccuring shoulder injury. Amazing only 2 and has a reoccuring injury. When he was little his big brother wrenched his arm back when they were in the back seat next to eat other in my little car. Since Mickey was facing the back, SmartGuy just pushed his arm back, not sure exactly what happened but that arm is easily hurt and I want to see what can be done to strengthen it.
SmartGuy is in school and doing well, I've gotten phone calls two times about issues with him. Once for not listening and they day his dad left for hurting others. We talked and he seems to have more good days than bad. I think he's finally starting to comprehend that life is better when you are well behaved and you get to do fun stuff at school. His reading has come along in these few weeks at school, it is totally amazing to see. He does well in math too! I have a smart cookie on my hands.
Me, just doing laundry and dishes! I have issues I tell you. Hubby is finally done work and doors away from completing the cabinets but he ended up going South to see his Mom. She wasn't well for awhile but seems to be doing well right now. So he's away and will be back shorly and I'm holding down the fort while daily it gets colder and colder. All the leaves have turned and are starting to fall off the trees. I don't know if I'll get my fall photos like I hoped. Maybe I'll grabbed all the kids this evening and head over to the Commissioner's Residence and snap some photos if it's still nice and yellow.
My hands are burning to write, my little idea notebook is filling up with ideas again. I'm itching to exercise and I just can't follow through with any of this and I don't know why. Can someone explain to me why I can't do something for myself that makes me feel good? Anyway, that's it for now.
Some of Mickey so he's not left out.

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