Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007!!

I find myself sitting as every year by myself. Everyone in bed and asleep by 8 o'clock. I should be used to after 7 years. I still cant believe Marcel has been doing his business for that long. But I could go out, I have a choice in that but lately it just seems like a big chore to leave our home and go somewhere, even if its just by myself. So here I sit thinking over the last year of my life.

I started the year off very, very pregnant and tired. I gave birth to my third son on January 12. We came home after a few days in the hospital. Things seemed more hectic and less organized as time went on. The first four months seemed like a honeymoon with all of us home. SmartGuy was at school and Marcel wasn't working as much.

In March my parents celebrated their 30 year Wedding Anniversary and the family held a surprise party for them. They had a blast and that was wonderful. We of course did not stay too long since we had the children with us.

In April, we all went to Edmonton. Flew down on the plane and then it was a crazy trip. We were only there for 3 days. We visited Marcel's family and we bought a van. It's my baby. It's already proved to be a valuable asset to our family.

Then came May and Marcel started work with Forestry. I became so much more busy and stressed out. I didn't handle being a mom to three kids very well. I started smoking again to relieve the stress after having quit for one year.

But the summer was hectic and busy. Marcel was basically working two jobs while I was home with our boys. All summer!

SmartGuy graduated from Kindergarten in May and that was exciting. He was pretty excited for the summer to start. He went to Art Camp and swimming lessons and hung out with Mickey, Little One and I.

We spent a majority of our time outside in the backyard, we made a sand box this year, the baby pool and sprinkler, as well as a screened in tent. We gardened, we walked, we swam and we picnicked. We went to the park, across the river, walked 100's of miles and took a few trips to Whitehorse in the van, discovering some great parks at the campgrounds we'd never stopped at before. We hung out with other moms from the moms group and did many activities such as hikes, workshops(drum making) and berry picking. We had a great summer filled with friends, laughter and fun! We also had our trusty stroller we bought in Edmonton and helped us do all these fun things.

Sometime early on, I chopped off my hair, real short. I was getting headaches from my heavy hair. It's grown back quite a bit now, I can put it in a ponytail again. I also took a Cake Decorating course as I've gotten into cake decorating and I'm not sure how that happened but I really like doing it, it's a challenge.
August brought an end to all our goings one with SmartGuy starting Grade One. He's been doing very well academically but his busyness is getting him into trouble and we've been having more behaviour problems but I see a change in the air soon and we are getting a lot of outside help to alleviate some of the stress. He's doing awesome in his reading, we are very impressed at how well he reads and he seems to be picking up the math pretty good. September brought SmartGuy's 6ht Birthday and he had a great Spiderman themed party with his friends.
Mickey has been going to head start and doing lots of learning the last few months. He is working with a speech therapist and has learned 70-80 signs to compensate for his lack of words. We had his hearing checked and it turned out to be fine. He just can't for some reason talk yet but we can see it coming. He also had his 3rd birthday at the beginning of December.
Little One is doing great, growing and learning more everyday. He wants to walk everywhere now and his balance is getting better. He babbles a lot but I haven`t heard any word formations in there.
So now we are the last day of the year, which brings me back to work. Yes, today was my first day back at my job and the first day away from Little One. It was a hard day but also in some ways a nice break. After a year of being with my children everyday and meeting their every need, it was nice to sit down and just be by myself for more than a few minutes. It will be bittersweet but I know they will do well in daycare, they start on Wednesday.

I'm sure the next year will be just as fun and exciting with lots of ups and downs, challenges and easy choices and lots of rewards. i really look forward to it.

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