Thursday, January 03, 2008

Have I lost my not yet!

It was a very late night last night and it didn't get better once in bed. Little One who I now dub lil' ol'man because he's just a completely awesome baby and he does this voice that reminds me of an old man. So he's coughing and cranky and fevered.

I wake up and Marcel is out doing snow, so he's unavailable until about 10:30. SmartGuy and Mickey are up and fine and raring to go. So I decide to take them to daycare and my mom was going to come and look after lil' ol' man while I went to work, after she finished with here appointment. So I started the van, got the kids ready, made Marcel an egg sandwich to take to him on the way and we all get outside and the van wasn't running and won't turn over. So I called my brother to find Marcel for me.

Fifteen minutes later my mom shows up because Marcel told her what happened and then Marcel showed up, got in the van and it started. Everyone leaves and we head out, half way to town the van starts to rattle and I know one of my tires has gone because I've been having problems with them going low lately and knew I'd have to deal with it right away but I guess it's a little to late now.

I got to the office where my mom and dad were and they had just finished there appointment, so I parted the van and mom drove me and the boys to daycare. I dropped the two oldest off and then went home. I now have mom's car until lunch and Marcel will deal with the van after he's done work. My dad said I could use his truck too, if I need it. I love my family!

So while my life seems like a tragic comedy lately, all is well and I'm at work now doing tedious duties and trying to avoid them even though I need to do them. I think though that I'll need a new rim as well, darn it.


Life back at work is not so bad, it's almost as if I never left. My first week back and it's a pay week and I got my benefits as well so now I can really catch up on some bills and get those tires I need.

It's bittersweet though, while I can go to work and get some much needed me time, I also have a piece of me missing. My babies, oh how I miss them and this is only my 3rd day back at work. The first day wasn't so bad because they were home with their Daddy and then I had Tuesday off but yesterday I was a worry wort all day. lil'ol'man seemed to do well though, he napped once and fussed a bit but he looked tired and down when I arrived at 5 o'clock. We know now he was sick sick! Mickey didnt' fair so well, he stuck close to lilolman all day and then he tripped and hurt his arm and lost it for 45 minutes before they finally called me. So I got him and took him to his Dad who was hanging out with Kale anyway.

Though yesterday Mickey complained of a hurt tummy I figured it was because he needed to eat, he hadn't eaten and he seemed fine after he ate. This morning when I told him he was going to daycare he complained of a hurt tummy again and I wondered! So today he went with SmartGuy and so far I haven't heard a thing from there.

On other news this morning he said 'hat' as clear as day! Woot!

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