Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Sun will come out tomorrow.....

It's hard to believe that a little more than a week ago it was 56 degress colder than it is today. We went from a -52°C to a +4°C. It's really beautiful out. What makes it really weird it that it's only February 20th. Usually this kind of weather doesn't hit us until near the end of March. Most likely it'll be my -20 to -30 next week. But while it's here I will enjoy it.

I enjoyed it today parshily, I went for a walk and was blinded to tears by the bright sun and then as I got closer to the hill behind us it got darken and colder. I walked up the Dome Road to the powerline and then came down the power line, almost slide a ways too before I got my footing. It's been a long time since I've actually come down the powerline we used to do it as kids. Our winter adventures included finding and sliding wherever we could and if you really wanted a thrill ride, the powerline was it plus it connet to a road that could pretty much take you down 3 blocks.

Well now that my little nostalgic moment is over: We had a busy weekend and it was pretty great. Friday night we, MO (middle boy) and I went together. SmartGuy had no hockey that night and stayed with his dad and MDC(youngest) fell asleep so I left him home. It was fun with great food and lot's of laughs.

Saturday I pretty much cleaned all day and had my cake tragedy but I'll get into that later. I think I'll just cross post from another message board I post at.

We had the birthday on Sunday and several people showed up so that was nice. I served a make your own sandwich buffet and I offered a few different choices. It was fun.I made a teddy bear cake and for some reason I keep having a problem with it sticking to the pan. So this time it didn't fall apart totally, just the head separated. While I was online looking for a way to glue it together dh ate a part of it thinking I wasn't going to use it. I actually cried, I was so stressed. I ended up just making a rectangle cake and was so bummed. I'm determined to try it again for Easter and make it work. But the cake I did make tasted so good, I used 2 golden cake mixes and the wilton buttercream recipe.Served with icecream of course.

There were lot's of mommies there with their babiesand even 2 dads showed up. It was fun!
He got plenty of gifts and I didn't get as many pictures of everything as I would have liked since I was busy doing stuff and forgot to ask others to take some. Oh well! At least I have enough for his scrapbook. He got more puzzles and books and a Thomas train and some practical stuff from Nana like lotion, diapers and the like, so that was nice. We gave him the 3rd present from us. For his actual birthday I got him a Little People set, for his almost birthday party I got him some pajamas and this time I gave him some Baby legz. I think the next tim e I have a party I need to be more organized so I can actually have a little visit with my guests.

Well, I can't seem to get the pictures to upload, so I will try again later.

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