Thursday, March 06, 2008

Why does life get so busy? It seems to be the same thing with me all the time. I'm just busy with kids and work and trying to fit everything else in. I am stressed and that sucks. I knew that I was stressed but I was looking up some stuff on Prevention and there was an article about belly fat and losing it. So I read it and I didn't fit in any category except stress. So I need to learn to relax. I never used to be stressed and I probably don't recongize that I am stressed because I just deal, right? So now I have to work on my stress levels and ways of meditating and calming myself. I have to finish reading the article.

On other news things are good. SmartGuy is doing well in the behavior department at school and I'm very happy. There have been no incidents at school, he hasn't gotten any cards and his student-parent-teacher interview went well. On the other hand, his behavior at home has worsened and I think this is on me, not following through with stufff and not practicing my positive discipline and I have to pick that up again. I have let it go the last few months.

FunnyGuy has been doing so well, he now says no and I mean he says no for everything, with passion. He's a very stubborn guy and much like me and SmartGuy in that department and unfortunately it gets him in trouble. He's doing fabulous at daycare and loving it, it took him awhile but now it's like he's been there forever following rules and knowing where everything is. He's still working with my friend the speech lady and we's seen some great strides with MO, he's taking initiative by talking on his own, he's trying to say words on his own, singing and babbling to himself. I'd say he's go about a dozen words now, I know it doesn't sound like much compared to his 80+ signs but while he's 3 and understands everything his communication through speaking language just never developed or he didn't want to, so now he's learning and seeming to pick it up quickly, not as quick as some but I've noticed that once he decided that he wanted to talk and we encouraged him, he's put more effort into it and the words are starting to come.

Bubba, my little guy is really doing great. He's starting to try to say words and may even get ahead in the game, might be an incentive for FunnyGuy to talk as well. He's a little mischief maker and into everything. He climbs on everthing and into everything he can find. He's doing great at daycare and really enjoying it. He barely says goodbye to me, just heads in ready to play. Makes me a little sad but happy that he's adjusted so well. It's very good to know. He's very alert and learns so quickly. I have another smart one on my hands.

Hubby is busy as usual but he's nearing the end of a cabinet job and may have another lined up. We hope to move in the beginning part of April, so that is nice. I can't wait to get into a bigger place. Get Bubba in his own room.

I've been doing okay just living and doing what needs to be done. I took the kids to the City on the weekend and went to a CBC kids show, they got to see Bo on the Go and Curius George as well as Sid and Patti, they had fun and we got pictures with them. Only FunnyGuy decided he wanted to get water with the penny he found and couldnt' be coaxed over. He was thirsty I guess. I'll post some pictures later.

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