Thursday, March 13, 2008

You know what I hate?

When the phone rings and it's a fax! Seriuosly, I was going to complain about having 3 email accounts but then the phone rang and it was a fax calling me. There is nothing more annoying than that. A couple of years ago, someone somewhere thought our office phone number was out fax number, I got dozens and dozens of calls from a fax machine for days. Okay it only happened several times over 3 days before the twit called the office and asked for our fax number. Why didn't she call after it wouldn't go through the first dozen times? Crazy people I tell you!

So things are fine! Fine here, fine there. Hubby tells me if I say things are fine, he knows things are not fine because I said fine. It's like a universal women's language thing he says. Okay! Things are good, really darn good.

My kids are fabulous and really enjoying life right now, my house is a mess but I don't care right now. Hubby is getting very, very close to finishing his cabinet job. Damn, that was the fax again!*&@#%&*%#@!!!!!! Yes he is almost done! He's doing the last bits of the bottom sections today, counter top, toe kick, silicone. I've learned a lot of cabinetry lingo from him lately. He's getting better at his work too, finding new ideas to use and it's just wonderful to see him so passionate and comfortable with something that he loves to do.

What else? Let's see, sex life is good, better than good. Heehee! I had to put that in and I know you don't really need to hear it but I'm a rebel! The weather is pretty awesome for the most part basically because the sun is out! Wahoo sun! It's so nice to go for a walk and have the rays beating down on one's face. Wind sucks though, it's chilly and if you don't remember to wear long johns, right to the bone baby!

Oh, the piece de resistance.....I'm writing again. I'm putting words down on paper....on computer screen. I started a piece yesterday and I just keep writing. I'm feeling very accomplished with myself. It's the thing I love to do but never find the time. I'm just in love with writing right now. So that's my news for now. I'm going to take a break and walk up town and do some errands.

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kat said...

Hooray for sex!! :D