Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Big Move

So we got word on Wednesday that our house was ready. Thursday afternoon I did an inspection and picked up the keys. I took Friday off from work and my mom and auntie helped me packed up the house, most of it anyway. By about 4 o'clock we had moved about 5 or 6 van loads of stuff. I'm amazed at all the stuff we have, I have no idea where it came from or why we have it. That doesn't include the loads and loads of stuff I took to storage in preparation for the move. So hubby came home from work at 4 o'clock my dad showed up, my brother and a friend of his and one girlfriend of mine. And they hauled almost everything, so that night my kitchen was pretty much moved and unpacked, not quite organized and all our beds were here.

I was exhausted, my whole body was shaking from fratigue and gratefully crawled into bed around 10 o'clock and tossed for an hour before sleeping. The next day was slower my mom showed up at 10 and Marcel and I went back over and proceeded to take down anything hanging, move anything left in the house to the front of the house except for the washer and dryer, we'll get those today.

Marcel's sister and my same girlriend came over to help and even though they were only there for an hour at a time, it was a tremendous help and I think them so much. So here we are today, not totally organized but getting there slowly. We still have a little bit of stuff over at the other house, my computer and desk, so I'll lose the connection here until Wednesday when they come and so that means no phone as well but I'll be back at work tomorrow anyhow, so I won't have withdrawals. We still haven't decided what to do about tv, stick with cable or go with sattelite. I'm opting for satellite myself and hope we can get it before Grey's Anatomy starts in two weeks.

There is a bit of cleaning left. I have to go over with the TSP and remove some stickers and stuff from some floors and walls. Mop the floor wipe down some cupboards. I have to clean my stove again the first run didn't do too must damage so I have to finish the job. But most of the kitchen is clean it's mostly the fridge and stove and one half of the cupboards. I'm also happy to say that the bathroom is completely cleaned, my mom and I went to town with the Oxiclean on the house last night. So more to do today!

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Cyndi said...

Congratulations! Moving is so exciting - especially when everything's done! Sorry I couldn't be there to help out.