Thursday, April 17, 2008

Movin' on up!

I'm doing dishes by hand these days. Our sink doesn't have the rough in for the dishwasher and we have to wait to get it. So I'm actually washing all my dishes. It's been okay, I'm not hating it like I usually do, maybe it's the change of kitchen. My new kitchen is just great, i haven't spent a lot of time in it yet but I hope to soon. The kids have been wanting to bake cookies and we need to make some play-dough soon.

Our house is very nice, we aren't even close to being organized yet but that's okay. The boys rooms for the most part have been done, my room no. The bathroom and kitchen yes. The dining and living room are half way there or more, they are just pretty bare right now. The front entrance is still pretty unorganized and I'll have to do something about that soon but it's hard with the kids around because they touch everything and the furnace and water heater are in there too!

I'm feeling very good after the move, maybe from all the exercise I got from moving everything. Or the sleep I'm getting. We seem to all be sleeping very well in the new house. I stayed out and up late one night this week and that made me fall asleep with Bubba last night at oh, eight o'clock or so. So I was up at about 5 am after Buddy climbed in with us and I had about an inch or room, I moved to the couch rather than move one of them. I heard Bubba call out at about 6:30, I went down and nursed him and fell asleep, there was more room since Hubby was up then. I got to sleep a little bit longer but feel like I got a little too much sleep.

We got our phones and internet up yesterday so that was nice and I finally remembered to cancel my cable at the other house. We will be getting satellite, so I have to call about that. We get our dryer vent put in this afternoon, so that would be wonderful, I have 5 days worth of clothes to wash and you wouldn't believe how it piles up when you have no laundry facilities with three children.

But I don't feel so overwhelmed now or so tired and that is a very good thing indeed. There is more room to move and breath in this new house, the kids aren't so cramped and they are more spread out and there are more places to hide, for for them and for me. I'm sure it will make a world fo difference in the long run for the sanity of my family. I'm very happy about that.

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