Wednesday, June 04, 2008


A recent post on one of my boards has me thinking about my childhood and how times have changed over the years. Frankly, I find myself a little stunned at how much time has passed, not that I'm old but at 33 years of age, it's been almost twenty years since I left childhood and started working. I've definitely learned a lot and changed a lot over the years. I have a lot of fond memories of growing up and some not so hot memories.

I grew up in the same house from the time I was about 2 or so. I remember there's a picture of me naked as a jaybird standing in a doorway that lead into what became my brother's room. Our house was old and a pieced together building from two old buildings. I don't think I will ever forget that house I grew up in, I still have dreams about it even 15 years after I moved out of it. Has it really been that long? I moved out right after high school, so yes it's been 15 years.

My room was very big with a small closet in one corner, I had two windows and a plethora of furniture that I moved around all the time trying to find the right way it should go, something I really haven't grown out of. There was wall paper and matching curtains of Holly Hobbie, I'm sure my mom still has the curtains but we torn the wall paper down a couple of years before I moved out. I spent many a happy time in my bedroom, with my books and dolls and games and all sorts of interesting stuff.

The boy across the alley is who I played with the most but there were a whole group or groups of kids that would hang out together. In the winters it was all about sledding, building caves and tunnels in the great mounds of snow all over the neighbourhood and just playing in the cold snow. In the summer it was biking, exploring the town, going on picnics, going swimming in the Buggy and catching frogs at pond by the church. It was always fun.

There were those of course who didn't make things fun and you usually stayed away from those guys or girls whoever they may be. Childhood was fun and we had so much freedom to do almost as we pleased as long as our homework and chores were done we could go out. We loved to go out.

Make believe was a big part of our lives, we played house, made forts, created what we wanted from what we found. There were always projects and inventions of everykind when were growing up. I hope even though the times have changed that I can still allow my son's to feel that freedom we had and enjoy their childhood and be creative like children can be.

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