Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've been somewhat sporatic in my writing lately and I'm sorry. The summer months are busy well really no busier than any other time with three kids in the house. I should say we are out of the house more often and doing things as a family. We've managed to do a lot more with my hubby this summer than in the past, his job is time consuming and his hours long and late, so usually we dont' see him as often. This past month though with all the rain he's been able to be at home more and it's a huge relief as the boys and I miss him terribly when he's away.

His mother is doing better but found out one of his sisters has cancer in her lungs and breasts. I was saddened to hear this, I had met this sister once many years ago and I will continue to think of her often I'm sure.  I went to the City to pick Hubby up last Wednesday, without the kids by the way. So we got some one on one time and that was nice. He was tired and stressed from the trip and he felt able to relax once home. He's been tying up loose ends from his business the last few days and is now backat the airport. At least I don't have to go to the City again until the end of August!

The weekend was busy, we went for a very long, long walk, when to a BBQ and then walked home again, picking up my niece and nephew on the way. We stopped and picked raspberries on the busy on the trail and the kids caught a frog from a pond and I made them put it back. Explaining that living creatures needed to stay in their environment to survive.

We went picking berries in the bushes out our back yard, high and low bush cranberries. Most were not ready yet though. It ended up only being my niece and SmartGuy who came, the later more to explore than anything though he did pick his share of berries. We made a huge circle in our journey and came back with many scrapes and thorn pricks as the whole area is covered in wild rose bushes, I can't think of the proper name for them. I went looking for the other kids. Hubby had Bubba in the house with him but the other two were nowhere to be seen. I worried and realized they must have snuck back to the pond, so the three of us went down to look and sure enough they were there. My nephew up to his waist in the water with a bucket trying to catch frogs. So I explain to him and Buddy that my rule from my house that they, none of them were aloud at the pond without an adult with them. They were upset about the rule and promptly took them home.

The next day was sort of relaxing. Hubby wanted us to go have a weiner roast so we packed up the kids and crossed the river to the campground and had us a weiner roast. It was pretty fun for the kids and adults alike. The five of us had a great day. We walked down to the river and Bubba was not at all afraid of the river and kept walking into it up to his ankels or more. He was pretty wet by the time we left, I'm glad we had a change of clothes for him. The wait at the ferry landing was about 45 minutes and we were entertained by a fox that boldly walked up to the ferry landing and was playing and eating something. He laid there for awhile and seemed perturbed that he had to move over a bit as the ferry landed, it wasn't scared at all of this loud machine coming at him from the water! The balls on that thing must have been huge!

My son is now four days weaned. I'm very happy to say that. It's right about this time that I've had enough of it. He was a pretty pissed off little guy to say the least. He wailed so hard when I first refused him. But now he's sleeping in his own bed from 8:30 until 4:30 in the morning. A major feat in and of itself. When he wakes up we hustle him back to his bed where he protests a bit but then falls back asleep. I figure another week or so and he'll be fully sleeping through the night. Hubby has been the one pushing this and so he's been doing the hustling because he knows I'm a suck and Bubba protests louder when I refuse him entrance to our bed.

So needless to say our sleep is improving and I'm feeling a lot better. I'm getting to bed earlier and waking earlier which makes my schedule more on time than usual. I'm very happy about that. Everyday things get better and I feel like I can really make a change in my life. I'm just not completely there yet but i think about it everyday and I know it will happen soon. I'm feeling pretty good these days.

After my day walking and tromping through the bushes to pick berreis I had some awfully aching knees the next day and realized with the rain I hadn't been walking as much, I need to get on my treadmill and walk to do my errands again especially since the sun seems to have come out to join us for awhile.
Well, I'll leave it at that for now. I'm in the middle of writing a very important section in my story, where mother meets daughters! Later.


Amber said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy! WTG on the weaning. I hope you guys get some good sleep soon! :o)

Jenny said...

I like your take on frogs and the environment. I wish more people would think the same way. Apart from anything, I just abhor any cruelty to any living thing (yes, I'm vegetarian) and to see the way people treat frogs to use their legs to fish just makes me physically sick.

Keep up the good work!!!