Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I haven't talked about my oldest in awhile. My dearest to my heart child. As my readers know he's been through quite a bit in his young little life.

Right now he's doing wonderfully. He's had some behavior issues in the past and I think that he's just not had the right teachers  and partly that is true. This year he seems to be doing very very well in his class and I've had no phone calls since the one at the beginning of the year. Which is awesome in my books.

His temperament seems to have calmed somewhat. He's still his usual active and spontaneous self but he listens more in some areas than he used to. He does come home every day for lunch so he gets a break from his day and he usually gets silly with me and lovey, cuddly.

At home we still have issues with his brothers, he's still fighting with Buddy and still dotting on Bubba. We aren't sure what to do about it except keep giving him reminders.

Winter has set upon us again and we are again in the cold months. Which can be a pain in the butt. SmartGuy has taken to wearing his masks again, his balaclavas if you will. You see he was diagnosed at  young age with something called cold urticaria, it's a condition much like and allergy where when his body starts to warm itself after coming in from the cold his body thinks it's fighting something and sets out the histamine which makes him get hives. Which isn't the greatest condition to have since we live in a community very far North and is cold 6-8 months of the year. Though we try to make life as easy as possible by being careful, he has to wear clothing that completely covers him and doesn't expose his flesh to the snow. Snow especially can set off a case of hives pronto. He still plays outside a lot and plays hockey in winter, so it's not detrimental. He gets antihistamine if he does have an outbreak.

When he was three months old he got eczema and it didn't go way from five years and he also developed allergies to dairy, soy, tomato, peanuts and nickel. We discovered the nickel when he was about 15 months old during that crazy three months where he had the chicken pox, rota virus and fell and needed stitches. It was holding him down to get his stitches that we notice he developed hives where my wedding ring was touching his arm and that was when it really clicked why his buttons on his pajamas gave him eczema. The peanuts we discover when he was nine months old and gave him peanut butter for the second time and he had a reaction.

Not at age seven he's grown out of some of the allergies and has gotten more environmental allergies. Those most are not too bad. Right now he has an Epi-pen at all times for the cold urticaria and the peanuts/nuts. His other allergies are cat/dog, tree pollen, dust, mold, and nickel.

Right now we are waiting for the results of his latest allergy testing for his peanuts. The allergist told us to have his tested before he was seven and depending on the numbers, he may decide to do a peanut butter challenge. Which I don't think really matters because he's still allergic to something in the nut category and we'll I don't think it will make much difference in his life. He will refuse to take the test and I certainly will not make him take the challenge. That would be like telling him."Here try this deadly poisonous food we've told you never to eat because it could kill!" Not that we've ever told him about his allergies in this way but he knows peanuts are harmful to him, he always is vigilant about asking what ingredients are in treats offered to him, even at home.


Amber said...

Poor guy! Those are some kinda' allergy issues. My friend's husband is allergic to peanuts, too, and it's rough!

heather said...

Thanks for writing about scnookiums made my day