Saturday, October 11, 2008

So much for my being on a roll, I was planning on writing everyday but for four days there I was sick as can be. I haven't had a head cold like this in a really long time. It was a cold but more I was achey and tired and lightheaded on top of having a sore throat, plugged ears and my sinuses were trying to kill me. Most of it's finally gone, I started feeling a little better yesterday around 7ish. Yesterday the lightheadedness went away and today I woke with no headache. I still have a cough and plugged and runny nose. But I'm happy to say I am on the mend and feeling so much better.

I really haven't been sick like this very often. Usually when I'm home sick it's because I have something embarrassing that I don't want to be at work with so I can actually get things done at home. The last two days I've been home from work I've just rested. I couldn't do much more besides shower each morning and feed myself when I was hungry, though I did do dishes a couple of times. I couldn't even read, it just required too much brain power and my eyes were just not adjusting right, I'm starting to wonder if I need reading glasses because I've notice a small decline in my eye functions the last few years, night driving is getting harder. It doesnt' help that I've had one lazy eye since I was six and would never wear my glasses to correct it. It would take an extra strength contact lense on my eye now and I am considering getting that done.

So today I'll take it easy some more, I have some baking to do. I need to make bread and my mom wants buns for Thanksgiving Dinner.

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Amber said...

It seems like it's always something, doesn't it? I hope you get to feeling better soon!