Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Mornin'

Well, I'm feeling much better and as I'm typing this I just realized that I forgot to take my antibiotics since yesterday. Back in a minute.

15 Minutes Later....

Okay, I'm back now. It's great to live in a small town when you can just run home quickly to get something. It was my break so I went. Stopped at the bank to and saw the bright shiny new ATM and then went to the store to get a snack, apple strudel. Yummy!

So my day started off okay. I woke up at about 5:30, I of course stayed in bed but then my bladder made me get out of bed and I noticed then that my right foot really hurt. I'm really not sure what happened there except maybe wearing winter boots again. So I stretched it and stuff but it didn't work. I manage to get on my treadmill this morning for 15 minutes and then after that I did about 10 minutes of walking in place, fast paced to my ultra cool hip hop music. I got a sweat goin' on!  Bubba was up during all of this.

This kid is not sleeping, on top of climbing into bed with me every morning this week, he's been getting up super early when I have been so I'm not getting my morning quiet time. He's really great though, he's signing like crazy now, S said he's got about 15 signs and it's true he's signs for tons of everyday things that he uses. Even eggs, I asked if he wanted eggs this morning and he nodded and signed eggs. He is trying to use his words more the few he has and attempting to say more.

So we sat at the computer this morning and fed our virtual dog on Facebook(Cheemow, named after the 2nd Husky we had when I was about 10, maybe. He was a great dog- dumb as a post but super strong, he could pull me, my brother and my Uncle Ralph on a sled.) and listened to some tunes. Two things he really likes...dogs andmusic. He's constantly beeboppin' around the house to whatever he hears. Even last night when we were at the Daycare's 1st Birthday party and the traditional music was playing, he was moving to the music.

He also bashed his head last night. I was trying to get him ready to leave and trying to get SmartGuy and Buddy to get ready as well and Bubba kept moving and he slipped out of my hands and landed on his head on a sharp corner of the cubby and wailed. I soothed him by holding him and pouring the love on. After a few minutes of this I noticed the blood and we went into First Aid mode, with the cool cloth and one of the teachers got some ice in a cloth. It stopped quickly enough.

So off to home we went and everyone was fine. We started supper and I thought to myself that maybe Bubba would like Blue's Clues (it has music, dancing,rhyming and signing). The two older kids hadn't really watched that in almost a year or more, so I found one of the discs and plugged it in. He was instantly enthralled! I'm a bad mom!

So this morning after we watched the computer dog I quickly made breakfast and got the kids ready but they are so slow or they just don't want to listen, its' the same thing every morning. It really sucks some days and I get so frustrated especially those mornings when Hubby is not there, like this morning. One thing is Buddy never has socks on and I have to get him to get socks and put them on. Bubba just likes to wander and get into everything. I think I need to train him about the computer/boot/furnace room, leave it open and he'll be desensitized, maybe. SmartGuy just does his own thing, he gets ready but then gets distracted by things - books, shoes, you name it. It's a freakin' Gong show!

So we finally get outside, all three kids, me loaded with backpacks and breakfast on the go and what happens. The sliding doors are frozen shut. This is has been happening to my van since I got it. Last year one side didn't open until we drove to the City, only because the van warmed up so much from the six hour drive. So I have to pile everyone in through the front and put Bubba in the front seat because there is no way I'm climbing back myself just to strap him in. It's a 5 minute ride and he was surrounded by the backpacks and I drove really slow. But still I feel guilty.

I got the kids all dropped off SmartGuy at school with his book order and the other two at daycare with their bacon and egg breakfast. To work I go - just me, myself and I. I left the van running and just now when I went to retrieve my antibiotics the sliding doors opened.

So the day is turning out not so bad. I have a meeting to go to at lunch at the daycare, lunch provided I just have to pick up SmartGuy on the way. Hubby has done snow removal the last two morning. But we reconnected last night and it was really nice to just hang out with him.

SmartGuy is quickly turning into me when it comes to reading. I'm usually the reader who has a few books on the go at one time. Not right now of course because I'm almost done this one series I've been reading. So lately I notice that when SmartGuy is reading it's usually a different book, for awhile he was on one book. The Klondike Kid, it's the first in a short chapter book Trilogy. I'm just so thrilled he's reading andreading so much. Like I said, he's got about four or five chapter books on the go right now, placed strategically around the house, one in the bathroom or course, on in the dining room on my cookbook shelve and a few in his room. Makes a mama proud I tells ya!

The other day I got some books in the mail that I ordered, "The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy: 3 volume set", I'm super excited. I've been working this piece for sometime but there are some keep points and background that I need to flesh out and so I need more books to read to get to it. Right? Right. Of course. I love books, they are my obsession and well, they are always good. It's not like I don't have 20 other writing books and at least two others on Fantasy. Nope, not me. So this is what I'm working on as well as still plugging away at my Fitness and Nutrition courses. So there ya go. We'll talk later I'm sure!

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