Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 8

Official Weekly Weigh-in: 313lb

Can you believe I'm down 9lbs in a week. Wow, I was totally amazed when I saw that number this morning. I've been feeling pretty good and pretty bad but now in a bad way.

People often say how easy it should be to lose weight especially when you know what to do, eat right and exercise, as long as you are using up more calories than you eat than you lose weight. I'm sure I've talked about it before. There really is more to just eating right and exercising. There is all the emotions and habits of eating, the things behind why someone eats, the demons to be faced. I've been struggling all week with eating right. It's not a habit for me and I really hope that it will be someday but for now I have to work at it.

Overeating as I've said before it what my problem is. I have a bad concept of portion control and I eat all the time for no reason, when I"m not even hungry. Now what I have to do is teach myself to eat when I'm hungry, eat appropriate sizes and stay away from the junk. I'm really happy that I'm one and a half courses away from the Nutrition courses I'm taking, right now is all about fitness and safety.

For me I'm following the Canadian Food Guide recommendations and what the dietition told me to follow with that. I have to find my little board that has it all on it. Right now I've been making the healthier choices but also not totally limiting myself. If I'm craving chocolate I'll have a hot chocolate, now I just have to make it a light or sugar free one. I've got most temptations out of my house so that's not a worry for now. I'm not even attracted to all the Halloween candy that is left over in the house right now. That would be taking away from the kids and besides I've never been into that kind of candy.

I've been drinking green tea a lot and bringing fruit to munch on at work. Seems to be working so far.

I'm starting to feel the need to exercise now. So I'll have to add that to my routine as well and I'm finally getting sleep again the last few nights I've been going to bed early.

Yesterday my brother and I took my boys skating and they had a fun time. I hurt my feet, they were not used to that. I'm going to have to buy myself some skates at some point but i think I'll wait a bit until I lose some weight. I really have to get out there with my kids and do these things. I will need to be active and what a great thing that will be. I love my boys so much and I want to do right by them.

I'll post an update later about them but right now I'm going to jump in the shower before they all wake up.

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Amber said...

Way to go!!!! Keep up the hard work! You already know it's SO going to pay off!

I'm so proud of you for doing so well, girl!