Thursday, December 04, 2008

Day 19

I wanted to make a quick post this morning. My head is hurting a lot this morning, I woke up feeling sick (headachey and sore throat) and Hubby was off early to work. I'm just resting until I take the kids to school/daycare,  I think I may be taking the day off.

I think I did well for the rest of yesterday. Though I did have a chocolate bar. Since I had a lot of protein already I had to make sure I didn't eat too much more. So I made this rice concoction and put it in some lettuce leaves. I put coleslaw, red pepper and zucchini with some cumin and hoisin sauce. It was okay but not overly tasty and that was what I was looking for..taste. I did snack on some roast chicken everyone else had later on when I was putting supper away.

I was 313lb this morning, yay, I'm going down again. So that is down 9lb for the challenge and 12 for from my highest. I'm feeling good again. All the talking to people and reading Are You Ready? is doing me good.

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