Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 28

Weight is still the same but I'm going to be watching my eating this weekend and have already decided not to eat anything at a birthday party I'm taking Buddy too, I'll make sure I have a good lunch before I go. Today is a busy day. With soccer, a birthday party, shopping for groceries, shopping for a couple of presents needed for the next few days and a community dinner to go to tonight, Buddy will be singing in Han with his Headstart class. They are singing the Welcome Song, Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday songs.

Things are going okay I had a bit too much junk food yesterday with chips and pop. I don't know what I was thinking but I'm aware now and I'll do better.

I've been doing some reading over at and reading the book Overcoming Overeating. Things are really seeming to connect for me. The one thing that struck me was the talk about turning to magic to solve our problems for us basically.

We look to diets, we hope to win the lottery, we look for some miraculous things to happen to make our lives better or easier or solve all our problems. Well it's not going to happen, we can't keep looking for long shots. I sort of knew this ages ago. My dad put me on a few diets during high school and watching him try this diet and that, I knew it wasn't the life for me, so I gave all that up when Iwas on my own. I knew I had to do something at some point but I didn't know what or how to do  it. I only want to do this once and I'm not taking any short cuts, I'll do this by facing whatever demons I have and persevere. I know I will do it this time.

My next fitness goal is to get more fitness in. More sweating and more moving. I need to lose some inches and to do that I have to move, move, move!!

I started my day slow, I'm tired but I got my running shoes on and hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes and I got a sweat on!! I'[m so happy. We tidied up a bit picking up the house and I did a bunch of dishes before I ate my breakfast of two poached eggs and two slices of toast.

I'm going to try watching my fat intake over the next few days and see how I do that way.

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