Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 36

My weight hasn't changed. Yay!! I'm pretty happy about that. After being in the City for 3 days. We really just didn't eat as much while away. So we left Thursday morning and it was -33 out. It didn't seem that cold but it was a 7 hour drive with few stops and the van seemed to stay cool. I packed sandwiches for lunch and for dinner we just went to the restaurant.

The next day we looked around and didn't do too much. My van was dead first thing in the morning and it was because a light got left on in the van. That has really been doing it to my van this year. Luckily, there were a lot of locals in town and one in my very hotel and having breakfast when we were. So he gave me a boost and got my van going.

We spent the day not doing too much but did get a bit of shopping done. I took SmartGuy to my 10 year luncheon with me. It was a beautiful spread with tons of food. We sat with a guy I who works in the same department and branch as I do with his wife, he was getting his 25 year long service award. They did make a mistake and didn't call my name until they called the 20 year recipients.

One of my very best girlfriends came into town Friday night as well. So we got to hang out for awhile, we went shopping, exchanged our gifts but I still have to give her her Christmas present. Saturday was her birthday! Happy Birthday C. We went looking for a tv but the one I had picked out was sold out. I was a bit depressed about that.

So Saturday was crazy, crazy running around. We wanted to get out early but it just didn't happen. The kids were up late every night and because of that and a hard bed I didn't get much sleep. We were going to go to The Big Store (of course this isn't the real name of the store) and buy the next price up and leave. On the way to The Big Store we heard an ad on the radio for The Little Store (a small local business). They were selling the exact same tv for a few dollars more and I got all excited and went over to check and sure enough. I got the tv after avoiding the huge sales pitch from the sales guy. But I was happy. Talk about meant to be.

We had a few stops and then we got on the road. It was an okay trip another 7 hours with a few stops and it was good. It wasn't as cold a ride back and that was probably because we were pretty loaded down. I stopped and got bags of sand for Hubby as well.

So today I got the tree out of the box and proceeded to put it together and then realized that I bought a half tree. A tree that can go up against a wall. I felt so mad and dumb that I didn't realize that I bought a half tree. When I was looking at trees I had no intention of buying one, we had decided we wanted a real tree and my mom and I were going to pick up one along the highway. We were in the toy  section of Another Big Store and there were trees. I was looking at them and they were very expensive and I thought now way. Then I spotted one under the display on clearance for under a $100 dollars, 7ft and lighted, I only looked at the picture and I thought great, how can I miss this. So here I am at home now with what I'm affectionately referring to 'my lame half tree'. It's decorated and I stuffed it in the corner and it looks great. I won't be having my tree in front of the window anytime soon but it looks good.

Today was crazy and I still didn't eat too much. But I didn't eat enough veggies. Well tomorrow will be better. Now that I've babble on I'm tired and ready for bed and not really in the mood to talk about my weight loss efforts.

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