Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Boy,Buddy today he's 4!

I`ll come back later and post about this special little guy


Day 21 and 22

Yesterday was a very busy day. With lot`s of things planned. We left the house at 11am and and didn`t return until about 6:30.

We went to the bizarre, which was fun they had lunch, fished in the fish pond (brought more junk home and some old toys I`d given to the Thrift Store) and we shopped for goodies to bring home for day, we entered draws and did the cake walk and SmartGuy of course won a cake! I didn`t have a plan for that cake and ate too much of it. AAhhhh!

Next I dropped the kids off at home so I could do some grocery shopping and had a quick visit with my best friend!! Then I picked up the kids and it was off to go sledding for our twin cousin`s 17th Birthday. It was a blast, tiring but fun and I got some great exercise in. We had some food and went sledding some more. All the kids had a great time.

Next we went to the O`le Fashioned Christmas down at Gertie`s. It was a lot of fun for the kids. They had maple tent set up out side by the French Group (sorry I can`t remember what they are called, it`s a society set up for the large french community we have in town) and inside was food, drinks, gingerbread house making and face painting as well as a bunch of draws. I couldn`t find SmartGuy for ages when we got there but turns out he was outside making a snow lantern and enjoying the maple. Thank God for small towns! I was freaking out a little bit cause I couldn`t find him. I did look outside but he must have been behind the tent.

We got home and they were all hungry because they didn`t eat enough good food all day. We ate and then pretty much crashed after that. So I`m up super early because I didn`t get the cake decorated yesterday but I wanted to update before my day started.             

My weight this morning was 316lb, I`ve had a few off days  with one great day in there and I hope I will continue with the great days. I will get through this party and cake day with flying colors as well.

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