Thursday, January 08, 2009

Can Mama be any more squirrely!

Did I even spell that right?

So here we are in our fourth! Say it again 4th week of this blistery cold weather! We've been in the -late 30 and -40's for four weeks now. Oh God!! This is driving me batty and everyone else in the Yukon. Today we were the 2nd, count that second coldest place in the world, yes, I said it 'THe WORLD!!' It's crazy. We were only at about -50 today and only 2 degrees behind Siberia? Gosh, we are so cold right now.

Hubby blew his fan belt on his start up and then backing out of our driveway. He got suck in the road. His tires were so cold that they just spun and burned holes in the ice so he sank. My van has been running great since we got the power steering leak fixed on Tuesday. So tomorrow we are only using the van again.

I think my sleep problem has something to do with this weather, it just makes one want to sleep and stay asleep until spring. Gosh, it's just so cold out, it chills you right to the bone.

[caption id="attachment_629" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Cold = Dawson"]Cold = Dawson[/caption]

So my poor baby, my Buddy had another episode tonight. He was sitting there playing quietly and all of a sudden he's crying out in pain. Oh boy.  I laid him down and gave him some motrin but he said he was hungry and wanted to eat so I got him up and he just stood there crying and screaming so I called the Nursing Station and the nurse told me to bring him in. Yes, finally a good one on call.  So we get him ready, he can't lift his legs or anything so I wrap him in a blanket and pick him up and he screamed bloody, bloody murder and dropped to the floor in a heap. Hubby tried this time and got him out to van.

So the nurse saw him and confirmed that is was there and called the doctor. This is the head nurse guy and he's on the ball. I've always liked him. He called the doctor and by the time he got back Buddy was feeling better. We looked the the thing had gone down on it's own. He gives the what-to - that I didn't know. It's not the bowel it's fluid coming from his body. If it happens again we elevate his legs and put his head down and gently push on that sucker. I tried earlier to push it back in and it just didn't happen that why I called again. But he's better now and in bed for the night. It happened this time because he was squatting and putting pressure on that part of his body from the way he was sitting. So we have to make sure he doesn't sit like that and should be watching his activities so they don't get to vigorous and stuff. Yes, my nerves are shot after all that!



shmode said...

Holy crap, and here I was complaining about how cold it was here! I gotta say though, that shot shows your place as being a pretty sweet lookin' town, even if it does look like it could freeze the kahoona's off.

siuan329 said...

Oh that's just one new building in town. They renovated it two years ago and now it's the new Visual Arts school we are getting to be quite the Artsy town we have two schools, ones an Arts School and the other is a Visual Arts School. it's pretty neat. I think it's a pretty sweet town but we do have a lot of old buildings here. I keep meaning to do a weekly building post. I have some old pictures I took in high school of a bunch of buildings around town and I want to do a undated picture with them and show them off. I think I'll start that next spring/summer. I think it's time to show off my little town.

Brenda said...

Wow...that makes me cold just to look at all that snow. I don't know how you do it. I was looking at your other blog and noticed you garden. Do you have a long enough growing season or do you grow in a greenhouse? Living in the mountains we have a shorter growing season here. It seems like you just get everything going good and you get a freeze.

preTzel said...

BRRR!~ I want to go crank my furnace up after reading your weather descriptions. ;)

I'm so sorry that Buddy is going through so much right now. I know how it feels to worry about our babies when they are sick. I will keep you all in my thoughts.

siuan329 said...

Well it finally hit -50C the last couple of days after being so nice at -48C for so long! :)

Hey Brenda, I love my garden and yes our season is short. We usually start our starts starting in February depending on what we want in the garden and they live in the house until last frost usually the very end of May or beginingo f June. I only grow tomatoes, cucumber/zucchini and peppers in my tiny little greenhouse.

My dad got me started, he has 2 greenhouses and 10 boxes. thought we grew up with only one greenhouse and a garden plot in our backyard that I hated weeding when I was growing up. Now I find it soothing.

I only have two boxes right now but I'm hoping for a 3rd this summer but there is s shortage of dirt up here, so we weill see.