Friday, January 16, 2009


It's been few days since I've posted so thought I'd stop by and give you an update. Ironically, Monday and Tuesday night Buddy had two bad nights with his hernia, it's been bugging him more. The days have been fine, he's stayed home most of the week with my Mom or Hubby and today myself. I stayed home today because I woke up with a sore back (pretty painful actually) and feeling sick (flu-like symptoms). I was dizzy and foggy in the head all day, no energy and just blah! I stayed on the couch most of the day since Buddy was home, he played and watched TVand I read. I finished book actually. I read the whole book in one day. It just came in the mail yesterday, it's called 'Fireproof', it's based on a screen play of the same name and was made into a movie. I thought I'd actually ordered the movie but got the book instead and I got a copy of the book they made in the book.

Another blogger, an online friend had recommended it in a post of hers and I was intrigued by it. As I said I read it in one day. It's got a strong Christian Bible theme but I'm open minded and don't mind that stuff. I was raised Anglican after all! While I don't believe in religion, I do believe in God and that he is very powerful in our lives.

I loved the book and the message it was providing. Also, while my marriage is a pretty good wone in my mind and my husbands, it goes through the strains and pains as everyone else's. But we have good communication.

The main key in this book is basically about trying, working on it and loving each other unconditionally. For me, I don't need to find Jesus and the Bible to have a strong marriage but the steps as I listed above can be used and work. I would recommend this book to others as well. It was a good book and had my crying several times through out. I love a good feelings book like that.

I had written a better post last night but when I hit 'publish', my internet was down and I couldnt' get it back to save. But luckily my first paragraph and the half of the second got saved fro me.

We leave in two days, Saturday I'm having a family lunch for Bubba's Birthday which was on Monday.. We weren't going to do much this year but my Mom wanted something and I could make lunch and she's invited some of my cousins and my brother who all have young children. So it should be nice.

We leave on Sunday and we picked up another passenger. A cousin needs a ride to the City, so I let him know we were going and he could come with us. So that worked out! I'm still not feelign too great his morning but I came to work anyway, my back isn't as sore but my head is still all fuzzy and feel like my ears are plugged. My boss thinks it may be the change in air pressure as we've gone from -50°C to only -15°C.

We have hockey tonight for SmartGuy and I'm going to make some salad and some sandwiches. I'm sorry my document here isn't working right and it's through me all off. It keeps moving around and half of it is buried under the side bar and the spell check isn't working right for some readson so I'll sign off now.

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