Friday, January 23, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

So we made it home and it was actually a great ride. The roads had been graded and graveled and they were good to drive. There were a few sections of ice but it wasn't too bad.

Buddy is healing nicely and has been his old self. It's funny when you have one child alone you really see their personality shine through. Because I have three boys, it's hard to see certain traits and I discovered that Buddy is just as busy as his brothers and all this time I thought he was so laid back and easy going and well, he is for the most part but he can also be all over the place. He's still a really great kid though.

It was a nice time over all, I got to have a nice visit with my brother. We don't hang out too much, we're both busy with our lives. So Uncle bought Buddy some fish and when we got home Buddy lost one down the sink and he was devastated beyond belief. He cried and cried and was just horrified that his fish was dead and he didn't want his fish to be dead.  The kicker! It was a small not even 1 inch piece of plastic. The aquarium came with 6 little plastic fish, it's cute little toy. My poor boy! He's doing very well otherwise.

Me, on the other hand have been sick the last week. Not sure why but I've been battling something. Head cold like symptoms. So it's been kind of nice to be home for the last two days to be home and relaxing. The boy seems to be doing very well and is pretty much his usual self.


preTzel said...

I'm glad to hear that Buddy is healing so well and that you made it home safely. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

shmode said...

Oh good! The ordeal is over and behind you. Now you can return posting about your adventures in -50°C temps! BLECH!