Sunday, January 11, 2009

Positive Outlook

Determination . Perseverance .Control . Stamina. Energy. Food. Progress.Vegetable.Diet.Exercise.Will.Can- Do.Goal.Emotions.Success.Loser.Positive.Thin.Plan.Support.Dream. Fitness.Nutrition.Strength.Weights.Scale.Meal Plan. Life.Inspiration.Motivation.Star.Frustration.Success.Endurance.Stretch. Cardio.Habits.Eating. Consistancy. Forward. Accountability.Challenge.Obstacle.Overcome.Resistance. Mind.Spirit.Body.Soul.Overeating. Health.Alive. Breath.Heart. Moving.Loss. Endeavour.   On track.

I was trying to think of all the words associated with the whole lifestyle change and losing weight. It' s good list. I think I will look back at it often to keep my self on track.

My good news is that at today's weigh in I was down to 313lb. I've lost 2 pounds finally. I haven't been eating too much this week and I only busted my butt once on my elliptical but it was enough I guess and I'm really happy about that.


In other news: Our trip is delay and maybe be cancelled. My van sprung a leak in the steering fluid line again, the 3rd time in as many weeks. I'm so bummed but not totally because of the weather, it's still hovering around -45, my gosh it warmed up a few degrees.

We'll see tomorrow if I can get the van fixed first thing and if they'll bump is 2pm appointment to 4 or 4:30, we should be able to make it by then, I think and hope.


shmode said...

Ah shoot! I hope it works out for you!

preTzel said...

Sending vibes your way that your van can get fixed and quickly!