Monday, February 23, 2009

Just another Monday

Not much has changed in the last few week. My weight has stayed the same so this week I'm kicking things up. So I went to bed early last night and woke up early this morning and did a 2 Mile workout. It felt great. My eating has been okay today, Hubby did take me for lunch and I do terrible at this part because I should be ordering salad but who want to order salad when there are other delicious and savoury foods on the menu. I had a Salisbury steak with fries (they were out of mashed potatoes) and it came with roasted veggies which I ate right up and I did leave fries on the plate when I was done.

So now to continue the exercise trend all week and beyond. I really want to get out of this up and down cycle I'm in.

I haven't been much in the mood for blogging or being online really. I check in a few places everyday but it seems to be not what I'm in the mood for. I'm sorry to the bloggers I usually read. I swear I'll get back to it soon, I did miss reading your adventures. I read the Twilight Saga twice and now I'm at a loss as to what to read. So I've been watching movies, scary movies about vampires and werewolves, they really aren't that scary. I did rent the first of the Underworld movies and I'm going to watch that in the next couple of days.

So I will get back to it as soon as I can. Right now I'm working on my course, beading patches or badges for Buddy's Graduation vest and revisiting an old story I worked on a couple of years ago. I'm piecing it together and editing my story of Dara/Jaree and the one about Margaret. It's doing wonders for me creatively. I'm feeling the pull again.

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