Monday, February 02, 2009

Well I made my phone calls. It really wasn't that bad. I made about five calls today about stuff. At least I got it over with.

So here I am back to work. The last two weeks have been crazy. Bubba had his surgery and he's doing great now. He was back to himself the next day and has gotten more energetic everyday. He's also shooting up, getting taller by the day it seems.

So there was that and I was still sick when we returned home. We were pretty low key and I was back to work the following Monday and over those three days I slipped a bunch of times around, twice at my house and it jarred my back so Wednesday night I was in pain. So I stayed home from the work for two days.

It was kinda nice except for the pain. I took muscle relaxers and they helped a lot. I was still feeling a little sick from my cold. I was in bed for two days and alone, so I read. I managed to finishe the second book and then the next two books in the Twilight sereis. I didn't expect that I would like the series but I really loved it. Her writing was just so amazing and I'm a sucker for true love/soul mate kinda stories.

So here I am, I'm ready to get back to writing again and I'll be update you on the things going on. This is it for now.

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