Friday, April 17, 2009


So last night when I was putting my small boy down for the night he was moving around and then smucked me in the eye with his elbow, right on the eyeball part. It hurt a lot!!
At dinner last night middle boy, 4 yo was talking about marriage. He said he wanted to marry his brothers and we explained that you don't marry your brothers when you are older you'll meet someone you love and then you'll marry them. So then he said he was going to marry us, his mom and dad. I explained that he couldn't marry us, because mom and dad were married to each other already.

He looks at me and says he wants to marry me, I told him again that I was married to dad. He burst into tears and said he wanted to marry somebody, I want to marry you. It was so sad and I can't believe how emotional he got, so I said he could marry me. Poor boy!! We'll eventually have to explain it to him again.

We woke up to snow again! Darn it, it's spring. It's the middle of April and we get snow and wind and it's cold again. What the hell?

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