Sunday, April 05, 2009

Well we went ice fishing today. We are all tired now. We had a blast! It was an outing for Buddy's Headstart program. So we went with other families from the daycare. Hubby and SmartGuy helped drill some holes and then did some fishing. I even used the auger to drill a hole, sure gave my arms a work out.

We did a wiener roast and we climbed up and down the small bank to get to the river and back several times and I sure got a lot of steps in. Since we were going out in the snow I tried on my ski pants and they fit good. i could do up the zipper and the buttons and I was very happy. It's nice to have little victories like that.

I really wish I was more in the mood for writing but lately I just can't seem to bring the words out. Soon I hope.

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