Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's great to have friends. I'm not much of a social person but I have my times when I need girl time. I like to get out with a group of friends and we play games and laugh, sometimes head to the bar afterward.

I found that this week I've been having lots of unscheduled girl time. We went over to a friends on Monday for a BBQ, we missed her big BBQ since we were out of town so we got to go spend some family on family time with them, so that was great. Kale got to spend time with his best friend.

Then I managed to go to craft night after I visited with my Dad and ended up going for a drink and having a really great chat and do catch up with another friend.

Tonight I'm going to go have a drink with another friend and her mom. This friend and I seem to get together every other week to have a drink and catch up and chat.

This kind of thing is so nice to have in ones life and I really appreciate my friends and love them.

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