Monday, September 13, 2010

Life is going on as usual. This past year has brought being an adult into perspective, for sure. I wasn't ready for it, I liked going along in my blissful naivety. (how the heck do you pronounce that!). So here I am, not without my flaws as usual but now I won't dwell on those.

I use a considerable about of time and energy dwelling on life and the circumstances it presents us but now it's time to focus more on me again.

So that is why I've made some changes. I'm seeing my therapist again and my nurse, I rejoined (well, posting more because i never left) my favorite weight loss board. I even joined a challenge to lose 50lb by New Year, which I can't foresee actually doing but it will get me started in the right direction again. I've started taking vitamins and that will help in many things like lack of light in the winter, my mood swings, my blue times, my stress level. I'm working on sleeping more by going to bed earlier. I'll start gong to craft night again tomorrow night. So things are headed in the right direction.

My Dad is back home, he wasn't strong enough for his second round of chemo. He's in pain but he puts on a good front so I don't know what to think. He spends a lot of time thinking. I worry about him. He's not a patient man, so him sitting and doing nothing but read or watch tv is getting to him. I wish there was more I could do for him. I've been visiting and spending as much time with him as I can.

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