Monday, November 29, 2010

I was reading my last post and it may have seemed from the last line that I'm not happy and that is not the case. In general I'm happy with life and happy most days. I have a good life, there have been bumps in the road and we sometimes struggle financially but who doesn't!

Life just gets busy sometimes and sometimes we don't stop and smell the roses. Sorry to be so cliche. With 3 kids, sometimes 4 we have very little down time, there is always cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and cooking, cooking, cooking. This is our life and we chose it.

We do struggle as parents to give quality time to our children, sometimes we get too distracted by the tv or computer because we just want a little peace. So we've been talking the last couple of weeks about our struggles and how to change them.

I spent the last three days de-cluttering my house so I can focus. It's working, yesterday I made salmon chowder, salmon pie, 6 loaves of bread and a banana bundt cake. I have been this productive in a long time and I'm sure tired but it was so worth it. Through the weekend my husband worked at the shop on his own projects and he helped out son with his explorer project.

Tonight after dinner we are going to go for a walk in the dark with the headlamps. The boys love that. We're getting back to the kind of parenting that we are proud to be. It's nice to make changes and get out of old ruts.

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