Monday, January 17, 2011


So things started down hill last Wednesday night. Coincidentally it was Mica's 4th Birthday. That night we'd going grocery shopping and decided that we'd order pizza for dinner at Mica's request. The temperature I think was somewhere between -35 and -40 degrees Celsius. We'd been home about 45 minutes and I ran out to the van and pulled out. I pulled out cold, having forgot to warm up the van as I often do. Well the power steering hose broken. Again. Yes, I said it. Again.

You have no idea how many times this has happened to me. About 3 times a winter in this van. We're not sure why but it's the van's weakness and it's driving me mad.

So okay, fine. I call my parents, they always come to my rescue and I really love them for it. So Mom drives down the truck and we pick up the pizza and I drop her off. I'm feeling a bit off but the night it good.

The next day I'm supposed to work but we all slept in and I was only at the office for about an hour when I had to take Mica in for bloodwork. While I was there I had them look me over and they took a swab. (Still haven't heard anything back). Before Christmas Mickey had strep throat and then Chistmas Eve Kale had it. They were both on antibiotics for it. Last week Kale was really sick and I'd taken him into the doctor and she said it wasn't strep and was probably mono and I was sure she was wrong but I'm not a doctor right? They took a swab then and Kale was home for days last week because he was so ill.

I knew I had strep but the nurse said it was too early to tell and that if it gets worse to come back. They have send swabs out for testing. It takes a day or two or three. So I went next door to the clinic and the lady there told me she'd just called me to tell me that Kale's swab came back positive. So I went to the school to pick him up and took him home.

I got worse, Kale was on anti's and the day ended with me having a fever of 102 then going from being too hot to the chills. It was a horrible night. I woke up feeling horrible, Mica also had a fever. So we stayed home. Poor Mickey missed out and he hates school. Well, only because he just wants to play all day and not do work.

So I took Mica in and myself, I got drugs for the both off us. With Kale tagging along and in my Dad's truck. I got my van fixed by the end of the day and I was done. Toast.

My brother had come over and we ended up switching my niece for Mickey for the night because they wanted to sleep over but I didn't want all 5 kids since I was sick, so this was my compromise. All the while Mars is working away at his shop on a job he's doing. The temperature has been below 40 degrees Celsius all this time and we ended up not switching kids back until Sunday. I missed my baby, boy, it was so weird with him but he had a wonderful time, I'm sure I call 3 times a day and I got the yeah, yeah, ahuh and I miss you a little bit. Boys were having too much fun over there!

Our house was pretty quiet too. The most excitement came from drug time when I had to give the 3 off us our antibiotics at the same time. We had a Smallville marathon and watched the first 2 seasons of the show and started the 3rd. We all really liked it. Plus there are still about 6 seasons to watch still. My brother owns them all to, so it's not costing me a dime.

So it's been a long weekend and I didn't get much done. I'm finally feeling better but I'm super tired and feel wore out even though my neck, mercifully stopped hurt sometime while I was sleeping and my throat is tender but not in pain anymore. I just feel like sleeping.

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