Monday, January 03, 2011

I only read 40 books this year.

My friend Cyndi does a 50 book challenge every year and the last couple of years I just track what I've read. It's been a year of just reading what I call fluffy books because that is all I've been in the mood for. So here's my list for this year. I discovered a few new authors, so I'm coming out of my book shell! But I continued on with Marian Keyes, I just love her books.

Books read in 2010

1. Lucy Sullivan is getting married- Marian Keyes

2. Rachel’s Holiday-M. Keyes

3. The Other side of the Story- M. Keyes

4. Sushi for Beginner’s- M. Keyes

5. Last Chance Saloon - M. Keyes

6. Watermelon - M. Keyes

7. The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordin

8. The Sea of Monsters - Rick Riordin

9. The Titan’s Curse - Rick Riordin

10. The Battle of the Labyrinth - Rick Riordin

11. Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris

12. Club Dead

13. Dead to the World

14. Dead as a Doornail

15. Definitely Dead

16. All Together Dead

17. From Dead to Worse

18. Dead and Gone

19. Living Dead in Dallas

20. The Brightest Star in the Sky - M. Keyes

21. Born of Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon

22. How to have a green thumb without an aching back. Ruth Stout

23. The Endless Forest - Sara Danoti

24. Born of Fire - S. Kenyon

25. Born of Ice

26. Bitten - Kelley Armstrong

27. Bad Moon Rising - S. Kenyon

28. The Way of Shadows - Brent Weeks

29. Shadow’s Edge - Brent Weeks

30. Beyond the Shadows Brent Weeks

31. The Gathering Storm - Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

32. Wideacre - Phillipa Gregory

33. The Favored Child

34. Meridon

35. Night Pleasures - S. Kenyon

36. Night Embrace

37. Dance with the Devil

38. Dead in the Family - C. Harris

39. Dream Warrior - S. Kenyon

40. The Ex-Boyfriends Handbook - Mike Dunn

My new book goal for 2011 is to not buy any new books for myself. other people can still buy me books though, you know for my birthday, easter, canada day! heehee I have two book shelf full of books and I'd say there is a good portion on there that I have not read yet. So that is my new goal.

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Cyndi said...

40 books is pretty good for a lady with 3 busy boys!!! That's impressive actually!
I like that you want books for Canada day!!!!