Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My emotions have been all over the road map lately and I'm not sure why. Sometimes I struggle to be fine and sometimes I think I just need to let go and let myself have all the emotions I'm having. Today, I'm better. I've been going to bed early the last few nights and getting up earlier. Today I made it to the gym and had a good workout, wasn't bad for my first day back.

I'm feeling more motivated and committed to getting back in shape. I was watching my friend who I go the gym with on these cold and very early mornings and had that wanting feeling. Not wanting her but what she must have been feeling. I remember what it feels like to be able to push yourself to your limits and how great it felt. I remember that feeling two years ago and now I'm bound and determined to get that feeling back.

I remember at the time when I had just quit smoking and I had the stamina but my lungs couldn't keep up, that' is such a good feeling but also so upsetting because you know you could go further if only you hadn't messed up your lungs.

On the home front things are going good. My house is staying reasonably clean especially since I have someone coming in once a week to help out, it's such a stress reliever. My oldest son for some reason is really working hard on things, keeping his room organized and clean. It's a huge plus for him.

We've been doing lots of family stuff like baking, games, playing, cuddling and watching movies together. Last night we played Uno and we let Mica play it was hilarious. But he'll learn.

We've also got a bunch of appointments in the near futures for bloodwork, annual physicals, optometrist, dentist and genetic testing. So I will be doing some traveling, which isn't always bad.

We are all happy and healthy right now and that is great. The sun is shining more every day and we are looking forward to summer this year, especially since we've had -45°C weather the last few weeks. My poor van won't ever warm up if this keeps up!!

Have a great day everyone!!

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Brenda said...

I can't even imagine temps that low. I converted it to F to see what it would be for us then did it again because I thought it had to be wrong LOL! WOW! Keep warm and keep you chin up! YOu are doing great =)