Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring cleaning

So we've made some changes and it's working for most of us and not Kale. Mica sleeps so well sharing with Mickey, he doesn't have a problem falling asleep anymore or coming out a million times to tell us he's scared. Mickey too is not coming out with every excuse in the book. Kale though, he goes down fine as I would expect from a 9year old but every morning he takes his pillow and a blanket down to his old room and lays there for a bit until I chase him back to his room to get dressed. He misses his room but he had been complaining about it since he moved in there now and all the things he complained about he says about his new room and those are the things he misses in his old room.

I've cleaned, gone through toys and we still have too many toys as far as I'm concerned. I'm just trying to get rid of things they don't play with or use.

I cleaned my kitchen and pantry. So the big moves happened last week and this past weekend I moved into my new office/craft room aka Kale's old bedroom. He's not happy!!

It's all set up now and I'm quite happy with how it's going with my own space again. It's been almost 3 years since we moved to the new house and I believe right now that we'll be moving in about a year, I'll talk about that another time.

So I've been on a kind of cleaning spree. Then on facebook a friend mentioned FlyLady. FlyLady, wow, I used to do FlyLady and I love it. So I've been back to it again and I did an over all this week too when I stayed home with my sick little guy but he's fine so no worries.

Today my cleaner came in to do the floors and bathrooms, the kitchen is mostly clean so it's all good! I have a bunch of things to deliver to the free store or thrift store and then I'll call it done for a bit.

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