Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Summer Plans

Sorry I keep flaking about in the posting department. Life is just busy sometimes.

Being a Mom of three boys is no piece of cake. Being a Mom of three boys who all are super special and challenging in their own way is even harder. Right now though, I'm trying to keep everything organized and still have piece of mind.

As I've said before I suffer from undiagnosed depression. This may be from stress or the craziness that has been my life for the last two years and I find that I'm waking up from that and trying to catch up with my life right now and put it back in order.

I have a several projects on the home front and even more majors ones in the near future.

Things I'm working on:
Getting back to writing fiction. I've missed it so much.
I have a great new idea that is tied with my genealogy research.
Learning my new camera and taking some great pictures.
Putting up said pictures in my home.
Organizing and purging things I don't need, really hard in a house with 5 people.
Scanning all the heritage photos I have of family and getting them organized, burned onto CD and the originals safety put into acid free photo album.
Quilting and other Crafts to keep me and the boys busy. ;)
Knitting (think I'll put off until next winter)
Gardening, getting all my transplants started.
I was considering painting some rooms but I've changed my mind as we will be moving in the next year, so if I paint it will be white.
Oh yes! Getting back into my fitness routine that got derailed at the end of 2009, I've struggled to start again but I'm making a real go of it this time.
Organizing upcoming appointment dates and travel for the boys. We'll have to do a trip to Vancouver at some point.
My big project will remain hidden for now but I'm sure as the time comes near and plans become more concrete I will scare.
This of course is all in addition to living and maintaining, feeding and keeping my boys in order and clean.
So this is me over the summer, I'm sure I'll post when I can and I'd really like to be posting more on all the projects I'm working one.

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