Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Back!

Mica and I were away.
We went on a little trip.
We took two planes and arrived in Vancouver last Thursday.
We explored.
We took the sky train.
We bought toys and had fast food.
We took taxis.
We looked with wonder at the city scape across the harbour.
We saw a special doctor and she told us not to worry.
We played and learned science.

We stayed in a hotel with automatic doors that Mica loved to play with.
We stayed in a hotel that had furniture in the lobby that Mica build into a fort.
We walked a lot.
We were lazy and relaxed without rushing around to see all there was to see.
We'll save that for a another trip when we are all together.
We don't regret it at all.
We were pretty tired when we arrived home.

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