Monday, May 16, 2011

My Home Decor

So here I am trying to decorate my home.
I have faux wood blinds from Sears.
The bookshelf my Husband build for me.
The Natalie Parenteau print.
I got a new living room set that I'm loving.
Only thing is that it's not the color set i was going for.
It's very dark and I am loving the accent colors.
The red and beige, I'm going to work into
the coffee table and small dresser I'm going to use
for storage in the living room.
Things are moving along nicely.
I ordered these chairs for my dining room.
My table and chair set we got when we were married.
That was 10 years ago come July.
I ordered two of these lamps.
They won't go with the living room at all.
I love them so they'll just have to do.

My little guy Mica and I will be going on a trip.
We leave on Wednesday.
All of my projects will have to be put on hold until later
we get back after the long weekend.
I have to transplant all my small plants that have grown too
large for the little containers they are in.
I have laundry to finish and then I have to pack.
I dont' think I'll brink my laptop just my camera.

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